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25 December 2007 @ 08:25 pm
At first, I wanted to write about a quick exercise in inspiration. I used to drive around wealthy suburbs, look at people's houses, and then stop by a cafe and just listen to the conversations, listening to the different types of people, thoughts, concerns, issues, and so on. Just to see who lived on the hill or at least who hung out with them. I went to a dealership and test-drove several expensive (for me) cars I liked. I went to other places and tried out other things that I wanted.

But here's the catch for many people: they don't truly want a stellar life. Many people inwardly believe that they're not worth it (whatever the "it" is; in this example it's wealth) or that wealth is somehow pre-determined and pre-allotted and they don't have a realistic chance at it or the like. If this is your actual, core belief, you will sabotage your own progress along the way.

Whatever your goal - and I want this community to discuss any goals, large and small, because our only common goal is learning and honing a methodical and dispassionately analytical approach - I want you to first of all check yourself that you don't believe your goal is unattainable for some reason. If you believe that, you're unlikely to get it.